• QlikView Product Tour

    Whether you’re new to QlikView or want an update on the latest features, this Product Tour video provides an engaging visual introduction to Business Discovery, and the superior functionality, ease-of-use, and visual impact of QlikView. If you like what you see, visit www.qlikview.com to download a free Personal Edition of QlikView and try for yourself.

    Seeing is believing
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  • Salesforce

    QlikView for Salesforce is a business analysis application designed specifically to provide Salesforce users with key pipeline-related data at their fingertips. The application allows you to easily load and analyze all your CRM information directly from your salesforce.com account.

    With QlikView for Salesforce, information can be explored intuitively and visually – with drill-down detail in just a few clicks. Reloading your own data must be performed on your local machine. Before attempting to reload your own data, please download the QVW and print the white paper using the links below.

    Seeing is believing
    Find out more about a free one day taster event.
  • QlikView is radically easier and faster to deploy then traditional OLAP solutions.

    Most organisations find they can be up and running in a few weeks. In addition, QlikView deployments tend to be iterative – we work with extremely fast cycle times to create exactly the solution the customer requires.

    Seeing is believing
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  • Asset Management

    This Asset Management demo provides an analysis of assets under management by various dimensions such as asset class, investor, fund type and region. Users can look up funds and their performance and analyze fund details. The source data are from multiple systems such as AUM, Positions, Risk, Returns, Traiding, Portfolio etc. It also contains a capability to look up a group of CUSIPs on finger tips.

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  • QlikView for Use with SAP - SQL Connector

    QlikView can extend the value of existing SAP™ investments, this video introduces connecting and extracting data from SAP R/3 ™ using the QlikView for use with SAP Netweaver SQL Connector.

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  • QlikView NPrinting 17

    A Next Generation Reporting and distribution solution for QlikView.

    QlikView NPrinting offers reporting in widely adopted, portable formats such as Microsoft Office and pixel perfect .PDF, using data and analytics from QlikView. It ensures that the right reports get to the right people, how and when they need them, through scheduled distribution and a new online subscription hub for user self-service. And, with multi-threaded, multi-engine scalability and enhanced security, QlikView NPrinting 17 offers enhanced support for large enterprise deployments.

    With QlikView NPrinting, QlikView can serve as a single solution for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to retire legacy BI systems and encourage recipients to adopt interactive analytics to see the whole story in their data.

    Seeing is believing
    Find out more about a free one day taster event.

Our team is available to provide any level of assistance required, whether you need us to deliver the project in its entirety or only require remote support for an in-house implementation.


A solid implementation plan begins with a sound implementation strategy. Right Qlik works with a customer’s existing implementation methodology, and supplements it with the QlikView implementation methodology. S.A.F.E. (Simplifying Analysis for Everyone).

If the client does not have an existing methodology, the S.A.F.E. methodology will provide enough information for developing a successful QlikView implementation plan.

The S.A.F.E Project Methodology has been especially developed to be used during the planning and execution of QlikView Projects. Special considerations and adjustments have been made to accommodate the specific characteristics of a QlikView Project, for example the fast nature of QlikView Projects and the flexibility QlikView offers. The people involved in developing the S.A.F.E. Project Quide all have long and extensive experience from implementing QlikView at customers of all sizes in many different industries and parts of the world


An implementation plan should take into consideration the following items:

  • An overview of the QlikView components, including strengths, weaknesses and fit into the client’s environment.
  • The creation of a solid platform to run the various QlikView software components (Publisher, Server, QlikView)
  • Clear guidelines for the assessment of implementation / project priorities
  • Demonstration of the QlikView components to involve users and promote QlikView usage
  • A clear training plan for QlikView users of all levels

The S.A.F.E methodology is designed to address these items and be flexible enough to incorporate the specific project requirements that ofter arise during the course of an implementation. In S.A.F.E., project implementations are broken down into phases of logically grouped activities – define, prepare, develop, roll out, and close.

These phases take the project from start to completion and cover all major tasks involved in between. The structure provided by this approach allows both the customer and RightQlik to deliver high-impact projects within the required timeframes.

The goal behind this methodology is to provide a flexible framework for delivering QlikView applications and the corresponding environments with minimal project overhead. As such, this methodology is not meant to replace an existing methodology but instead to work within an existing methodology.

The phases in this methodology are not mutually exclusive. Give the short nature of QlikView implementations, activities in each phase will often be occurring simultaneously. The overlapping nature of this methodology will become apparent as the project schedule is developed. It is important, however, to have the necessary check points and documentation agreed upon and signed-off before closing any given phase.

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