All the Power & All the Features, Anywhere, Anytime

QlikView delivers a compelling mobile BI experience that puts you in touch with your data anywhere, anytime. There’s no learning curve. Just touch, pinch, zoom, and swipe to instantly access and explore a complete set of live data. Take advantage of being in a particular place at a particular time. Stay in touch while you’re on the run. See what’s happening with your business and make better decisions on the go.

With QlikView on Mobile, you get a complete Business Discovery experience—including interactive analysis, rich visualisation, and associative search. Unlike lightweight tools that require power users to build visualisations, QlikView on Mobile provides you with purpose-built apps you can interact with to make smarter, faster decisions wherever you are, 24×7. It’s also enterprise-proven, with browser-based client technology and server-side security and manageability.

Take Full Advantage of Tablets

QlikView harnesses the immersive, interactive potential of touchscreen devices such as the Apple iPad and Android tablets. By leveraging advanced HTML5 browser technology, QlikView delivers a touch-driven interface that makes BI as easy to use and compelling as consumer apps. You get all the power of QlikView’s Business Discovery experience with none of the complexity of traditional BI. QlikView apps support the familiar multitouch gestures you’re used to, and take advantage of device capabilities such as geolocation.

With QlikView on Mobile, you can define your own views—as broad or deep as you need. You’re not fenced in with just a handful of hardwired views.

Access to Relevant, Live Data

QlikView rapidly combines up-to-date information from virtually anywhere, including the most complex ERP, CRM, and data warehouse systems, right down to simple Excel and web-based sources. Both traditional BI and lightweight visualisation tools lock you down with static views and high-level data subsets. QlikView frees you from this limitation, letting you explore your data down to the most granular level of detail and answer your business questions from every angle imaginable. And this power and flexibility is available at your fingertips with QlikView on Mobile.

One QlikView, Any Device

The QlikView Business Discovery experience you get on your mobile device is the same one you get on your desktop or laptop. You won’t get a dumbed-down mobile report from QlikView. We deliver a consistent, cross-platform experience so you can be smart and productive wherever you are. Discover something on your desktop and continue the exploration in the exact same app on your tablet or handheld. The full power of the QlikView platform is always at your fingertips.

Optimised for Handhelds

On handhelds, QlikView can automatically render apps in a single-object based display mode. This view allows you to more intuitively move between objects and perform analysis on devices that have smaller screens. There is no additional development or effort required to display apps in this mode, and QlikView can be set up to automatically adjust apps on smartphones.

QlikView for iOS App

The QlikView for iOS iPad and iPhone app, available in the Apple App Store, complements QlikView on Mobile browser-based access. The app provides a native user experience for the QlikView AccessPoint portal, while extending and enhancing QlikView’s HTML5 capabilities for analytics applications. Users get all the power and flexibility of QlikView Business Discovery when connected, and can take advantage of a new disconnected mode for offline access. And there are no additional costs, because the app is a free download and works with any QlikView 11 server license.

Manageable and Secure

Choose carefully when picking a mobile BI platform. They don’t all take an optimal approach for world class enterprises. After all, we’re talking about accessing your most sensitive information on mobile devices across the world. In QlikView, management and security are handled by the enterprise-proven QlikView server. The same information and app access privileges apply regardless of the device used, and data does not physically reside on these devices. Developers also benefit from a “build once, deploy anywhere” approach that reduces the burden associated with maintaining multiple versions of analytics apps.