Practical Data Governance as You Deploy

QlikView Expressor is metadata management “the QlikView way” — a disruptive approach to data management. It is simple and descriptive, not complex and prescriptive. Consistently capture and manage metadata as you build analytic apps, rather than be locked into a semantic layer up front. QlikTech is redefining metadata management just as it redefined business intelligence.

Discipline at the Core, Flexibility to the Edges

QlikView Expressor gives IT a holistic view of how and where data is used across the QlikView environment. At the same time, business communities are empowered to create their own analytic apps with confidence in the data and all needed security and governance controls in place.

Speedy and Efficient Enterprise Deployment

Metadata management is critical for large QlikView deployments. With QlikView Expressor, data integration pros define data attributes once and reuse them across the enterprise in all QlikView apps that use the same data. QlikView developers can also use pre-defined data flows to speed up creation and deployment of apps. This repeatable and consistent approach to creating common business and data definitions ensures solid data governance.

Get Data Into — and Out of — QlikView

QlikView plays a central role in enterprise information architecture. Make Big Data relevant and contextual for business users by melding it with other data in self-service Business Discovery apps. Pull huge volumes of data from multiple source systems into QlikView with near-linear scalability for parallel loads. Easily export data from QlikView into downstream systems.

The Power of Semantics

Having confidence in and understanding of the data behind any graph, table or dashboard is critical to its success. QlikView Expressor provides a comprehensive semantic framework, allowing designers and developers to centrally define and manage data definitions, transformations and other design artifacts in business terms. These definitions can be abstracted from specific data sources, insulating the Business Discovery system from changes in the underlying data systems and providing clear visibility into the definitions and usage of data.

Agile Design

QlikView Expressor provides a rich graphical studio for designing and managing data integration for QlikView apps. Using a descriptive, rather than prescriptive approach, designers can leverage existing data integration and transformation definitions already in use by QlikView apps, and then catalog, manage, extend, and reuse them across new QlikView projects. This fosters a more agile approach to application design by limiting the arduous up-front design and definition processes, while retaining the advantage of semantic reuse and manageability.

Collaborative Development

As companies expand their QlikView deployments across workgroups, divisions and geographies, QlikView Expressor provides a powerful central library for reusability and consistency across projects. Data definitions, transformations, business rules and other design artifacts can be centrally managed and reused across any number of QlikView apps. This drives consistency and confidence in the data, while speeding time to discovery.

High-Performance Engine

The QlikView Expressor engine uses a high-performance parallel data processing system that can scale to meet most Business Discovery requirements. The data integration flows can be optimised and developers can select processing algorithms that best meet application requirements. The engine features a patented parallel-based systems architecture designed to achieve maximum performance on most hardware. QlikView Expressor provides a fast track to Business Discovery, providing business users with up to the minute insights into critical business information.