With QlikView, this was one of those rare instances – I can honestly say – that when we delivered this to the business we exceeded their expectations. They actually got more than they thought they were going to get. For an IT professional, that’s very satisfying.

CIO, Fortune 500, Pharmaceutical Company

QlikView Enables IT to Deliver Better Value

Large organisations worldwide, across every industry, rely on the robust, enterprise-class QlikView Business Discovery platform to power decision making. QlikView enables IT pros to deliver self-service BI, providing a competitive advantage to the business. With QlikView, IT allows business users to create their own analyses so they can arrive at innovative decisions. QlikView lets IT serve the business like never before—all while assuring strict data security, quality, and governance.

QlikView’s associative, in-memory architecture scales to work with up to billion-record data sets or thousands of users. Combined with the direct data access capabilities offered by QlikView’s Direct Discovery, virtually unlimited data can be addressed. It lets IT deliver a consistent, highly-responsive user experience, while freeing it up to focus on core competencies.

Unlocks Enterprise Data

Too many enterprises find themselves hostage to their enterprise applications stack, which prevents them from getting to their data in a simple and meaningful way. With purpose-built connectors for some of the most popular enterprise applications and data sources, such as SAP®, Salesforce.com, Informatica® and Big Data sources, QlikView eases access to, and analysis of, your business data.

QlikView is enabling enterprises across the globe to better leverage their investments in business systems and data warehouse assets with intuitive access, comprehensive analytics, and sophisticated visualisation. The results speak volumes:

  • Happier, more productive business users
  • Higher ROI on your entire enterprise stack investment
  • Valuable IT resources focusing on their core competencies rather than writing reports and building queries and cubes

Remove the Reporting Backlog

QlikView enables IT professionals to deliver far more analytics and BI to the business than with any other approach. With its rapid application development capability, requests from the business for new apps can be answered much more quickly, changes to existing applications made easily and with its self-service approach, business users can get answers to their own questions without turning back to IT for a new report. This all contributes to the success of QlikView and makes IT groups who provide it to an organisation true ‘champions to the business’.

  • A single QlikView dashboard can replace many 10’s of standardised reports
  • QlikView liberates IT groups from mundane and low-value tasks
  • Controlled Self-Service BI: Discipline at the Core but with Flexibility at the Edges

Data and AnalysisDelivered When the User Needs It

QlikView’s Publisher and AccessPoint modules provide centralised deployment capabilities ranging from administration to scheduling data refreshes, and determining which end user client technologies to enable. This allows IT to:

  • Control when QlikView data should be refreshed
  • Determine to whom data should be made available
  • How users can access data

All client deployment options—browser-independent, download-free Ajax client, installed client, browser plug-in, mobile clients, or PDF—are managed from one central location.

QlikView Addresses the Needs of IT Stakeholders

The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers a new model for decision making that empowers business users across the company. QlikView provides true self-service BI to business users, enabling the business to operate more efficiently and successfully. QlikView’s adoption and scalability model fits the requirements of IT and provides a low-risk solution to the overall data analysis needs of the organisation.

Enterprise/System Architect
QlikView is designed to tightly integrate with existing security systems and data sources, and preserve existing investments. This limits risk and improves the cost effectiveness of deployments. Rapid—yet controlled—development and deployment ensure a fast time to value under strict, centralised guidelines.

IT Manager/Business Analyst
QlikView delivers business value immediately because few new skills are required by analysts and developers to produce QlikView apps. With QlikView, IT managers and business analysts can rapidly create apps that focus on the analytics that matter most to business users. And they can quickly extend and enhance those apps as business needs change. QlikView’s self-service model also means ongoing requests for new reports from business users are dramatically lowered. QlikView frees up valuable time for IT managers and their staff so they can focus on higher-value tasks such as data governance, data quality, data modeling, and data security.

Maximum Scalability

The QlikView Business Discovery platform provides:

  • Support for thousands of users or billions of records
  • Automatic load balancing to ensure maximum performance even with thousands of users
  • An optimised architecture that takes full advantage of the most advanced 64-bit Intel architectures
  • Seamless integration of 32-bit and 64-bit data sources
  • Up to 90% data compression
  • Hybrid in-memory and direct data access capabilities for Big Data analytics
  • Support for the latest in virtualisation and cloud deployment models
  • Resilience, with built-in failover options

QlikView Everywhere

QlikView’s deployment options enable IT to deliver the right functionality through the right medium to each user group. The QlikView Business Discovery platform provides:

  • Extensive APIs for integrating QlikView with your business applications and system management software
  • A browser-independent Ajax client that gives business users full analysis capabilities with no local installation hassles
  • Mobile accessibility across iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices, to give your team an integrated way to deliver QlikView to mobile users
  • Support for virtualised environments that fully utilise existing hardware and cloud deployments to maximize flexibility in deployment architecture

Deep Manageability and Governance

QlikView provides IT with a powerful, flexible, and centralised management console and governance dashboard for measuring, monitoring, and deploying QlikView applications and data. The QlikView management console, QlikView Expressor and the QlikView Governance Dashboard give IT:

  • A single view into deployment status, whether it’s for a single server or multiple servers spread across geographies
  • Centralised management capabilities including auditing, load balancing, metadata management, administration, and refresh scheduling
  • Centralised and managed metadata-driven data integration for QlikView
  • Data usage and lineage, providing visibility to how data is being used across a QlikView deployment
  • Comprehensive, centralised management of thousands of users
  • Easy integration with third-party management systems, allowing for external task triggering and centralised monitoring of applications, users, and processes

Iron Clad Security

QlikView is designed to protect your organisation’s critical data and analysis assets. QlikView integrates with existing security infrastructures specifically designed to safeguard billions of records or thousands of users. QlikView’s easy-to-administer security console enables IT to:

  • Control which users see which analyses, data, metrics, and results
  • Define security from the application level all the way down to granular row level
  • Support standard directory service systems such as Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP solutions
  • Enforce group, role-based, and individual user policies