Easily Create and Customise QlikView Apps

The QlikView Business Discovery platform offers a whole new take on BI that lets developers and business analysts build relevant apps rapidly and easily for business users—and enables business users to participate in the application creation process. Typical BI solutions burden IT organisations with time-consuming, costly development cycles that postpone demonstrable value by weeks, months or even years. But QlikView puts you in charge of creating and changing your own apps in minutes. With QlikView, there’s no waiting in line for help desk support or resolution of trouble tickets.

Here’s How Fast-paced Development is Possible With QlikView

In just a fraction of the time it takes with traditional BI solutions, QlikView lets you create apps that feature relevant analysis, reports and dashboards critical to decision making and operations.

1. Load Data

QlikView makes acquiring data simple and fast with:

  • Auto-consolidation of data into a single view
  • Auto-maintained data associations
  • Connection wizards and out-of-box connectors to SAP®, Informatica and Salesforce.com
  • Central library of reusable data definitions and transformations

This process takes a fraction of the time it would with a traditional BI solution and is all done within a single QlikView environment. It doesn’t require you to buy and integrate multiple products, each with a different user interface.

2. Point-and-Click App Building

No keystrokes needed – just point and click to embed UI elements like:

  • List boxes with auto-loaded data for instant, associative analysis
  • Charts, graphs and tables
  • Drop-down menus
  • Search boxes
  • Web browser-style buttons (e.g., forward, back and clear)
  • Embedded images
  • Maps

With QlikView, you can develop quickly, present a first take to other parts of the business, and make needed changes in a matter of minutes and hours—not days and weeks.

3. Extend and Enhance

Once you’ve built a QlikView app, it can be quickly and easily extended and enhanced to meet changing business needs. You can integrate new data sources, third-party or custom visualisations and images, and QlikView dynamically updates to reflect the changes.

4. Visualise

Your QlikView app enables you and your colleagues to make discoveries in the data by choosing from a large variety of interactive visualisations. QlikView provides:

  • A complete, associated set of data views anyone can work with
  • State-of-the-art, engaging charts and graphics that bring multiple viewpoints into a single view
  • The ability to click anywhere within a visual for more granular data