QV Report is a complete reporting environment to create and distribute pixel perfect reports based on QlikView objects.

QV Report redefines the concept of building reports based on QlikView and takes it to the next level. No more limitations, no more strict boundaries: think and realize your reports to look exactly they way you want them.

Features of QV Report

Beautiful Design
Create professional looking reports using data from your QlikView environment.

Cycle generated reports
Loop through possible values in one or more fields and produce multiple customised copies of your report or an entire series of reports.

Data Consolidation
Easily source data from multiple QlikView dashboards and documents into a single consolidated report.

Refresh Automatically
Reports can be scheduled refresh automatically keeping your reports up-to-date.

Multiple Formats
Distribute reports that are generated as PDF’s, XLSX spreadsheets, or MS Word documents.

Apply different selection criteria and QlikView document bookmarks to each user as needed.

For more information about how QV Report can enhance your business intelligence solution please contact us.