QV Mail is a practical tool to plan and manage the distribution of QlikView reports. This tool fills the gap between the saved data in your QlikView files and the end users (both internal as well as external users).

QV Mail lets you decide who can see certain data, so you know for sure that the right information reaches the right recipient. This information is available in a XLSX or PDF file.

Benefits of QV Mail

Multiple distribution methods

Conserve network bandwidth and e-mail storage space by distributing reports via FTP, FTPS, or network file share. Allowing multiple users to access a single copy of each uniquely generated report.

Email Link
Email users a custom message notifying them that their report has been generated, and include a hyperlink to the document location.

Customisable Email Messages
Not only can you automate the generation and distribution of your reports but you can also customise the email message’s body for each report. you can also embed user specific information using templated emails and dynamically populated variables.

Apply different selection criteria and QlikView document bookmarks to each user where required.

Multiple Formats
Distribute reports that are generated as PDF’s, XLSX spreadsheets, or MS Word documents.

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