When we were shown a prototype of the latest offering from SONY, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one to show how, when used with a product like Qlik Sense, it could be used to transform the way people engage with business data.

We were so impressed with the capabilities of SONY’s new Xperia Touch device, we just had to get our hands on one.

It will transform the way we show how to interact with business apps like Qlik Sense, and will transform the way people present such applications and interact with business data.

The device itself like like an external hard drive, but place it against a wall, or on your desk (or any flat service) and switch on….. Then be prepared to be wowed!!!

Use it’s wireless capabilities to connect to our WiFi, we quickly opened up a browser on the device and pointed it to our Qlik Sense Demo Site.

So what, I hear you say… Nothing new here… But what I haven’t said yet is how you interact with the device. It basically projects a 23” sized image on to your desk and you interact using just your fingers, without having to calibrate it. It just works… And better still, if you place the device against a flat wall, the image is projected up against the wall – it really is impressive. It will transform how you do presentations – it’s like a portable smartboard.

Take a look at the promotional video below, in which we managed to get SONY to include one of our Qlik demo’s.

Click here to view the full version

Click here for the shorter version